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Founder’s Benefits include:

  • Choice Positions

    Choose your position based on your qualifications, time, and desired income.

  • Rapid Advancement

    Promote directly into management when you exhibit ambition and outstanding work ethic.

  • Premium Pay - Residual Pay

    Receive exclusive bonuses and highest pay when you are on our team at the ground level.

  • No Venture Fees

    Never pay Membership Fees when you gain access to new ventures and income opportunities.

Exclusive Founder’s Offer

Featured Income Opportunity

Now is the perfect time for you to join our team and participate in two special projects that we are exclusively offering for our founding members.

Anyone who signs on during our initial launch phase will take part in the creation, marketing, and distribution of our first line of Ladies Own Products, as well as will have an opportunity to join us in our first ever Wealth Building Challenge where we use savvy investment strategies to turn $250 into $10,000 for every participating member.

By joining now, you position yourself for tremendous income growth, and you begin a new career ready for breakthroughs with a wide range of benefits that include high pay, success bonuses, lifetime residuals, and customized income available only for first movers and Ladies Own Founders.

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