A wealth builders network for women.




A wealth builders network for women.


Business from Scratch

Put our financial and business launchpad to use while bootstrapping to success with your very own business built from the ground up. Ladies’ Own gives members access to a business development framework designed to adapt to your interests and help you conceptualize, plan and execute a functional business model in any market or industry. We offer financial, strategic and marketing support throughout all stages of business development from concept to expansion and make it easy to collaborate and partner with managers, logistics experts, suppliers, marketers and business specialists that help bring your vision to life.

Do you have a business idea but no idea how to make it work? Ladies’ Own puts you in touch with business specialists who help you explore the viability of your business model, its potential profitability and how to achieve optimal market penetration in your industry of choice.

Gain access to a private pool of investors and crowdfunding resources to help fund your project, venture or business at any stage.

Emboldening Women in Becoming Modern Business Leaders

A personal network of financial, marketing and business development structures is just what women need to start a business with confidence.

Got an Idea? Make it a Business with Ladies’ Own.

From small business start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, Corporate Pros can develop and define new and old enterprises.  We offer a unique focus on developing, measuring, and managing a company’s image, brand equity, and reputation. We strategically engineer a platform that ultimately drives financial performance in a Company’s bottom line; while our unique abilities and expertise increases customer loyalty, by leveraging their most valuable asset: Their Image.

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About Corporate Pros

Corporate Pros is a leading business services and development company that specializes in bringing cutting edge business services to small business owners for affordably low prices.

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What We Do

We provide great business services, while also helping our clients establish a corporate image and culture that drives financial performance and garners real results for their long term success.

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The Corporate Pros Niche

We believe in good services and great relationships; our interest is best served when or clients best interest is served first. At Corporate Pros, we get the job done at low cost, without the $5 gimmick.

Join Our Ladies’ Own Business Team


At Ladies’ Own, we invite our members to join us in strategic business ventures tailored to real-time market trends, technologies and consumer interests both nationally and globally. Ladies’ Own has a wide-array of business projects in advanced stages of development across a range of sectors and industries made accessible by keen marketing insights. Our members are uniquely-positioned to invest at ground level and experience exponential returns during rapid growth and expansion stages of exclusive business opportunities. Qualified members will also have the opportunity of becoming partners in projects and ventures and have ownership in unique brands, products and services that result in high-paying residual incomes and the potential for rewarding buyouts.

How We Make It Happen

Ladies’ Own is a commercial network and community of women empowering one another to achieve financial independence through collaboration, knowledge and support of a shared purpose. By developing an organized structure of business, investment, wealth-building, crowdfunding and marketing under an umbrella of networking and support, Ladies’ Own creates an accessible platform and economy for growth where every member has an opportunity to earn income in accommodation of their schedule, ambition and career goals. Ladies’ Own members can achieve financial freedom by collaborating with each other or taking advantage of our networks, knowledge and resources to become standalone success stories that inspire their fellow members.

Today’s buyer uses no more than instincts to determine the worth of a product or service, and those instincts are 94% based on visual impressions.  Potential customers make subconscious decisions on whether or NOT to do business within the first 7 seconds of exposure to a company or product.  Choosing Corporate Pros is your best option in making the best first impression.

Corporate Pros stresses mental identity with our client’s Business and Brand.  The image of your company is the most important factor when planning or managing a business and is the single most important factor in your ability to approach success.  Image is everything and your company has only one chance to make a great first impression; Corporate Pros can ensure it to be a SUCCESSFUL ONE

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